Welcome to itty bitty betty productions. We are a growing TV, Film, and New Media company with roots in Vancouver and Los Angeles.

  • A Far Strange Land

    When a dying wish transforms the Heroic Knight and Evil Mafisto marionettes into human beings, the eternal forces of good and evil are set to duel their way across America in a battle for everything! But when Knight falls for a foul-mouthed independent woman, he has to ask himself: what if everything is no longer enough?

  • The Marijuana Party

    Two brothers: Ralph is a stoned legalization advocate while Lewis is a straight-laced crown prosecutor. When their father—the Attorney General—dies and reveals to the world that he too was 420 friendly, the fallout will either tear the brothers apart or set them on a path to greener pastures.

  • Blob Ford, Superhero

    An animated parody of Toronto’s intrepid crack smoking, hard drinking Mayor.

  • Bros

    Freshly dumped, Jeremy struggles to re-connect with his best friends as he exits the world of $200 per hour couple therapy and falls back into the masculine sea of punching, drunk love.

  • Multiverse War

    An untold number of super soldiers from many possible futures have come back to our time. Their mission: protect the people and events that lead to their timeline while destroying enemy timelines.

  • Acting Work

    Before I took up writing and producing, I spent three years in the MFA conservatory acting program at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.

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