Multiverse War

Multiverse War

Format: One Hour Drama

Genre: Sci-Fi

Status: Spec Pilot Complete

Karl is an underground hacker from our present. While hacking the DoD and downloading some encrypted data as “proof of hack”, he attracts the attention of Aidric. Aidric is a super soldier from the future who has broken into a DoD warehouse in order to destroy the information stored on a particular hard drive–the same information Karl is currently downloading. Aidric traces Karl to his basement apartment and tries to assassinate Karl with a point blank bullet to the head. But reality bends and warps to make this impossible. It’s a Grandfather Paradox!  Aidric can’t kill Karl without negating his own future existence. Now the two must survive the attacks of other super soldiers long enough to figure out how their fates are connected.

  • A Far Strange Land

  • Bros

  • Acting Work