Format: Half Hour TV Series

Genre: Comedy

Status: Spec Pilot Complete

Jeremy is a brilliant and passionate failure in his early thirties. Jeremy is also struggling to find his footing  after being unceremoniously dumped by his girlfriend of four years. Like a captive baby antelope thrown back into the wild, Jeremy stumbles back into the loving jaws of his four best friends.

His older brother Tristan is back living at home while he works to break into the video game industry as a professional MoCap actor. Aleksandar, Jeremy’s partner in their fledgling marketing business, has sworn off hard work and dedicated himself to becoming an older woman’s kept man. Winslow is a struggling stand up comic drowning in one night stands and hating every minute of it while Harry has a wife, a baby, a six figure salary and no idea what he wants out of life.  “Bros” is the story of how these friends support, undercut, deride, and rebuild each other as they navigate life’s triumphs and calamities.

  • Multiverse War

  • A Far Strange Land

  • The Marijuana Party