A Far Strange Land

A Far Strange Land

Format: Feature Film

Genre: Adventure Comedy

Status: Spec Script Complete

When an old puppeteer’s dying wish transforms his heroic Knight and evil sorcerer Mafisto marionettes into human beings, the stage is set for a magical adventure! The Knight and Mafisto strike out to win fame and glory through world domination and saving beautiful ladies. While Mafisto gathers wealth and minions, Knight teams up with a foul-mouthed independent woman named Tiffany for the cross-country journey. Along the way they face marauding carnie folk, Mafisto’s minions, and the devils of their own pasts.

Tiffany and Knight are on the precipice of love when Mafisto kidnaps her away! Now Knight must battle Mafisto and save Tiffany without the aid of the old puppeteer, and this time Mafisto is pulling all the strings!

Will Knight’s love carry the day, or will Mafisto’s quest for glory be the end of Knight’s adventures in this far, strange land?

  • Bros

  • Blob Ford, Superhero

  • Acting Work